Arısoy Law Office

ARISOY is a boutique law firm with 30 years of legal expertise.

It is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and offers legal advice and litigation services in cooperation with local law firms in Europe and the U.S.A.

The reputation of ARISOY is one of expert legal services, honesty and reliability by always offering creative and practical solutions to its clients. ARISOY focuses particularly on complex commercial and legal issues.

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Arısoy Law Officce

Areas of Practice

Commercial Law

ARISOY has an extensive experience on conclusion, management and termination of franchise and distributorship agreements between Turkish and ...

Business Law

ARISOY provides legal assistance to its clients on the topics of the establishment of companies and enterprises to be established in Turkey. During the ...

Intellectual Property Law

ARISOY conducts all kinds of consultancy services of filing lawsuits, litigational follow-ups, monitör of the process, objecting to decision, drafting and ...

Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring requires advanced expertise in negotiations, in addition to legal expertise. ARISOY has been advising its clients on restructuring and ...

Employment Law

In addition to its continuous consultancy and litigation services within the scope of employment law, ARISOY takes strategic action regarding ...

Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

ARISOY conducts comprehensive investigations in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law for the determination of the rights, receivables and ...

Health Law

Establishment of private hospitals in recent years and the rapid development in medical technology have led to the increase, diversification and complexity ...

Tax Law

With the fastest changes occurring in our developing economy and where the most detailed regulations take place, the field of Tax Law requires meticulous ..

Family And Heritage Law

ARISOY serves its clients in the fields of persons, family and inheritance law within the framework of the Civil Code, Civil Procedure Law and the relevant ...

Senior Partners

Av. Gülüzar Arısoy

Av. Gülüzar Arısoy

Founding Partner

Av. Nadir Arısoy

Av. Nadir Arısoy

Founding Partner


Reduction On The 'Green Passport' Limit For Exporters

According to the president's decision published in the Official Gazette, Representatives of companies exporting goods with an average annual export of over ...

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The New Tax Regulation Has Been Accepted By The Commission

The new tax regulation proposal has been accepted by the Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission. The regulation changes and amendments the Income Tax ...

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New Regulation In Private Pension System

According to the Presidential Annual Program 2020, which consists of more than 40 pages and its aims and plans on various topics are shared, the current ...

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