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Tax Law

With the fastest changes occurring in our developing economy and where the most detailed regulations take place, the field of Tax Law requires meticulous work and detailed follow-up process due to severe problems experienced in the tax applications and the serious financial results arising from the faulty applications.

With its collaboration of expert consultants in tax law, accounting and finance ARISOY provides legal solutions to its clients' problems arising from tax applications.

ARISOY provides expert consultancy services to its clients in the following fields;

Process of settlement or litigation for legal disputes arising from tax, accrual, collection and penalty applications made by the administrative bodies within the framework of Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Value Added Tax, Special Transaction Tax, Motor Vehicles Tax and other similar taxes;

Tax disputes arising from transactions such as intercompany transactions, resource transfers, transactions with shareholders;

Providing expert legal consultancy services on legal aspects of tax planning and tax audits;

Providing the necessary legal information and assistance for changes in tax law legislation.