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Commercial Law

Agency, Distributorship, Franchise and Joint-Venture Agreements;

ARISOY has an extensive experience on conclusion, management and termination of franchise and distributorship agreements between Turkish and foreign companies. By preparing contracts in a refined way to strengthen its clients’ commercial activities and to adapt its existing relations, ARISOY advises its clients on negotiation of contracts, settlement of possible disputes and termination process.

Disputes on Import, Export and Insurance;

Disputes on import, export and insurance are complex matters, as settlement of them require extensive experience. In this process, ARISOY ensures that its clients’ businesses continue to operate smoothly with cooperation of in-and-out-of-sector experts and internationally collaborated law offices. In case of disputes, ARISOY have the expertise to settle disputes with the support it provides to its client on negotiations, arbitration process and litigation.

Unfair Competition and Anti-Dumping Practices;

Turkish law contains certain prohibitions and restrictions to prevent unfair competition. These unfair competition provisions are particularly important for the protection of intellectual property rights of enterprises. When its clients are exposed to unfair business practices by their competitors, ARISOY immediately takes action to prevent such practices of unfair competition, to claim compensation, and to pursue legislative action.

Leasing, Contracts of Surety and Pledge;

The legal expertise of ARISOY assists a wide range of clients such as banks, financial institutions, leasing companies and creditors on the issues of leasing, as well as on contracts of surety and pledge. ARISOY provides consultancy services starting from drafting contracts until the execution and its finalization for its client.