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Employment Law

Determining the actions to be taken and strategies for the disputes arising from employment law;

In addition to its continuous consultancy and litigation services within the scope of employment law, ARISOY takes strategic action regarding long-term project consultancy and prevention of legal risks related to disputes arising from employment law. Within the scope of preventive legal consultancy, ARISOY advises its clients of drafting of employment contracts, in-house legislation and other relevant documents, and adaptation of existing employment contracts and workplace legislation in accordance with the current legislation and case law.

Preparation of contracts, including employment contracts, and other documents related and annexed to it, internal documents and regulations;

ARISOY provides its clients with services such as preparation of employment contracts within the scope of preventive legal consultancy, preparation of internal regulations and other documents, adaptation of existing employment contracts and its internal regulations within the scope of current legislation and case law. ARISOY follows up regular and keeps these documents up-to-date.

Representation of the Employer in Collective Labor Agreements and Negotiations;

ARISOY represents its clients in collective labor agreements and negotiations with unions. ARISOY drafts detailed collective labor contracts, includes terms regarding vocational training, occupational health and safety, social responsibility and employment policies, as well as provisions regarding the termination of the contract. At the end of the process, with the termination of the employment contract, ARISOY performs the necessary procedures for a healthy execution of the contract and advises its client accordingly.

Providing legal training to human resources department and senior management on human resources practices, as well as labor and social security legislation;

ARISOY provides consultancy services to its clients in order to conduct and manage all legal processes in accordance with current legal regulations from the conducting of the employment relationship until the end of it between the employer and the employee. ARISOY also advises on recruitment, regulation of working conditions and termination of employment contracts. In the process of rehabilitation or establishment of the human resources unit, ARISOY ensures that this complex and difficult period is completed successfully with its collaboration of experts.

Follow-up of Lawsuits arising from Employment Contracts or Industrial Accidents;

ARISOY has extensive experience in disputes arising from the employment contracts. Especially; cases on employment law arising from severance and notice pay; overtime, weekend wage, annual leave and all kinds of labor claims; reemployment lawsuits; pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from industrial accidents.

Obtaining Work Permit for Foreign Personnel;

ARISOY ensures the fastest accreditation of foreign workers within the framework of the International Labor Law No. 6735, its implementing regulation and other relevant legislations. ARISOY makes sure that the application process finalizes as soon as possible, including online application for work permit to the Immigration Administration and the preparation of the necessary documents.