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Business Law

Establishment of legal persons until their liquidation;

ARISOY provides legal assistance to its clients on the topics of the establishment of companies and enterprises to be established in Turkey. During the establishment phase, the structure of the company should be determined and established in the most appropriate way in accordance with the clients’ interests. For this purpose, ARISOY develops a special formula for each client, starting from the company's articles of association to the inter-shareholder agreements and the procedures required for the establishment of the company. Also, ARISOY provides fast and smooth liquidation process of companies that have lost their functions and started to harm its clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Demerger; Type Changes of Companies; Conduction of General Assembly / Shareholders Board Meetings;

ARISOY has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, as well as demergers, including state-owned enterprises and companies. Its experience includes the transfer of company assets, joint venture and strategic partnerships. ARISOY provides support to its clients starting from the negotiations until the finalization of execution of contracts. Also, ARISOY concludes the permission and notification stages at the administrative institutions.

Amendment of Articles of Association, Capital Increase or Decrease;

A Company may seek restructuring for strategic reasons, mutual decision-making or other reasons, such as the necessity born out of other group companies, shareholders or creditors. At this point, ARISOY identifies the moves that are appropriate to the needs of the client on the amendment of the articles of association or capital increase/decrease and develops creative solutions for its clients regarding related hardships.

Constitution of a Company and Agreements Between Partners,

In addition to the articles of association required for the establishment of the company, it is essential that the partnership in a company functions smoothly and that each partner is satisfied, and to achieve this, an agreement is compulsory to be made between the partners. ARISOY ensures that the partnership agreement meets with the demands of each partner and is in accordance with the company's articles of association and with that ARISOY ensures that both structures work flawlessly.

Withdraw or to be withdrawn from transfer of shares;

ARISOY ensures that the share transfer transactions of the clients are carried out smoothly in accordance with the demands of its clients regarding increase or decrease of shares. In addition, ARISOY provides appropriate solutions to its clients regarding the formation or transactions of privileged shares or existing privileged shares.

In the spectrum of stock shares to initial public offering or bond issuance;

ARISOY follows all procedures from the beginning to the end of transactions such as initial public offering as well as issuance of bonds for the economical and legal growth of its clients and capital increase of its clients; informs its clients about the compulsory transactions stemming from the law. So, ARISOY ensures the healthy functioning of the initial public offering and bond issuance process.

In the spectrum of cancellation of the general assembly resolutions to liability cases;

In the event that the general assembly resolutions of a client or a third party in relation with its clients are unlawful or irregular, ARISOY takes action to annul the general assembly resolutions. ARISOY also shares different scenarios regarding the possible liability cases that may arise due to decisions and other causes with its clients.